CASTA 2009: Workshop on
Context-Aware Software Technology and Applications

August 24, 2009 — Co-located with ESEC/FSE 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CASTA 2009

Context awareness is the notion of computer systems that dynamically adapt their behavior to a changing environment. Such applications are useful in many situations ranging from general human-computer interaction over business process execution to healthcare or logistics. However, mainstream programming languages and tools do not offer dedicated support for adaptive properties. Additionally, as context awareness is an application requirement, it should already be addressed at the modeling level.

Recent developments in dynamic programming languages enable context awareness technically, but the application-oriented communities have had little opportunity to benefit from these insights. Vice versa, certain application requirements concerning context could probably be met better by specially-tailored programming and modeling techniques.

This workshop attempts to bring together researchers from the disparate communities to exchange ideas, establish a common research program, and foster new collaborations.


The workshop is intended to be dynamic and interactive. We especially welcome presentations that bridge communities, are provocative, or offer live demonstrations of novel context-aware applications or technologies. Contributions are invited related to any aspect of context awareness, including:

  1. Requirements engineering for context-aware applications
  2. Modeling context and context-aware applications, e.g.
    • User modeling and adaptability
    • Context-aware business processes
    • Semantics of computational models for context- dependent behavior
  3. Programming languages and mechanisms to support dynamic adaptation to context
  4. Context-aware applications, including:
    • Ubiquitous Computing
    • Healthcare, supply chain management, logistics
    • Interactive Systems